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A recent innovation from the group of Prof. Paola Luciani, TIF-Gel, developed in collaboration with scientists from the Institute of Tissue Medicine and Pathology at the University of Bern and from the Department of Gastroenterology at the University Hospital Zurich, has been announced via a press release by the University of Bern.

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Dr. Enriqueta Vallejo-Yagüe from BIHAM (Prof. Streit's group) gave a wonderful presentation on pharmacoepidemiology from real-world data at the University of Basel. Very importantly, she stressed the importance of considering biological sex and gender as determinants of health and the need of addressing the gender data gap.

The Swiss Science Pharma Day 2023 in Bern is an annual appointment and this year took place in the von Roll campus of PH Bern.

The event was kicked off by our own Prof. Verena Schröder, co-president of the Swiss Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and there was great participation from research groups from Bern. 

Daniel Batora, from the group of Prof. Jürg Gertsch, delivered a selected talk entitled «Combined targeted metabolomics and enzyme activity profiles reveal novel disease mechanisms of the symptomatology in hypercalcemia patients». Well done, Daniel!

Marianna Carone, from the group of Prof. Paola Luciani, won one of the poster prizes presenting her Ph.D. project "Temperature-triggered in situ forming lipid mesophase gel for local treatment of ulcerative colitis". Congratulations, Marianna!

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Swiss Science Pharma Day 2023

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