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Our Work

Stepping into the vast world of pharmaceutical sciences, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Yet, with the right community and resources, it becomes a journey of continuous discovery and growth. Recognizing this,Pharma Pulse Bern is a dedicated venture for young scientists under the umbrella of Pharma Bern.

Pharma Pulse Bern is a movement to empower young minds, cultivate industry relationships, and drive scientific dialogue that challenges the status quo. 

If you're a budding scientist, researcher, or student passionate about pharmaceuticals, we invite you to pulse with us. Engage, learn, and grow – the future of pharmaceutical sciences beckons



Scientific exchange

Lunch and Learn, Lab talks, Panel Discussion 


Industry and Academia 

Coffee Connect, Networking mixer, Pharma talks

Conference Mingling
Businessmen on Staircase


Career opportunities 

Career fairs, Company visits

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