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Our Journey

From cutting-edge research initiatives to interactive events aimed at bridging the gap between academia and industry, discover how Pharma Pulse is planning to shape the future of pharmaceutical sciences

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Crafting Our Identity: We're setting our core mission and vision in stone and paving our foundational steps. As the foundations set, we're scouting for leaders – join our vibrant leadership team and make a difference!



Laying the Blueprint: The assembly's in motion! We're drafting our statutes, defining our membership, and diving into the digital world with a website and active social media presence. Partnership doors are swinging open!

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Rocket Launch



Blast Off Time: Get ready for our grand debut! With our website going live and our social media buzzing, we’re celebrating our launch with iconic events. Gear up for insightful coffee sessions, lunch and learn and exclusive company visits!



Fostering Connections: It’s all about engaging! We’re hunting for funding avenues and industry allies. And our event calendar? Packed with riveting company tours, candid “Pharma Talks”, and immersive networking mixers. Dive in!

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Solidifying our Footprint: Keeping it all on record – from scintillating events to valuable finances. Our event bandwagon keeps rolling with intriguing panel discussions and workshops. Are you ready to team up?

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